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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Rock and Roll Coachella

There is a larger discussion to be had about this, but I wanted to give a quick plug for my friend Andrew and the blog he is writing for, The Functionality. The link is also on the sidebar of this page, and as you may or may not have noticed, I try to keep my links fairly well curated (i.e., just the pages I think are really well done).

the functionality

The Functionality is an outstanding blog, written as a collaboration between 5 friends including Andrew, and as a result is fairly comprehensive in the scope and breadth of the material covered.

ps1 ball nogues

Due in part to their collaboration with the Los Angeles based firm Ball Nogues (which won the PS1 competition two years ago, and for whom Andrew used to work), I think there is a certain philosophical/methodological thrust to their work and their writing. I am extremely interested in their approach, in part because I feel it is very different from my own. The idea of “functionality” is something that I think  architecture has both embraced and resisted at different points in history, or at least held under a certain dialectic tension. This is a debate I hope to have in greater depth at some point in the future.