I haven’t been on Architizer yet, because it seems like every other week a new social networking site pops up and promises to revolutionize how we connect to each other (remember Friendster and MySpace?), even though in my opinion even the 500 pound gorilla of social sites (Facebook) seems to have changed nothing except for how I kill 10 minutes every day. Somebody has got to have a better idea for something to do with the technology we now have to connect each other. But there’s a great article by Alissa Walker of Fast Company here about architect websites. For the most part, I agree with her. Although I designed my websites (this one and this one) over two years ago and haven’t had the time to go back, when I think of how I would change them, I would strip things away as opposed to add them. I’m certainly not about to add one of those schlocky Flash based websites.

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