Two Favorite Movies

In case anybody was wondering, my two favorite movies of the past year were Fantastic Mr. Fox (dir. Wes Anderson, 2009) and Up (dir. Pete Docter and Bob Peterson, 2009). Both animated? Yes. Coincidence? Perhaps.

But both were animated using extremely different methods. One was animated with the most ancient form of animation possible: stop-motion, using real materials: wood, glass, dirt, fur, cloth, and clay. The other one was animated with something like: 01000101010101010111101010101010101010110101010 times eleventy gajillion or so. Both movies are very good. But in very different ways.

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  1. Quang Says:

    Upon further reflection, maybe it’s because both movies have anthropomorphized animals. Gotta love anthropomorphized animals. They’re so charming!

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